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Tofu Vege Pancake Recipe | Healthy Snack Idea

Building upon the delicious Capsicum Omelette snack idea, I'm excited to introduce another healthy and scrumptious treat called Tofu Vege Pancake today!

You won't believe how this recipe came about – it all started with me trying to make use of the leftover vegetables from yesterday. And voilà! The result was a delightful surprise that turned out to be quite successful (well, at least in my humble opinion)!

Tofu Vege Pancake Ingredients

Since they are leftovers, they are all half-cut or only a third of the whole. But then again, you won't need a lot; this is a perfect recipe for using up those bits and pieces of leftover veggies in your fridge!

Tofu  and vegetables
Tofue Vege Pancake Ingredients

Tofu Vege Pancake Recipe

First, finely chop all the vegetables and set them aside. Next, slice the tofu and cut out the middle part, as shown in the pictures below.

Chop the removed middle parts of the tofu and set them aside together with the rest of the vegetables.

stir-fry vegetables
Stir-fry vegetables
Now, let's stir-fry the vegetables.

Start by putting the crushed garlic into a frying pan over medium heat, followed by the onions and carrots. Lastly, add the remaining vegetables, such as zucchini, mushroom, capsicums, and the chopped tofu bits.

Feel free to season it lightly with salt and pepper according to your taste.

Set the cooked vegetables aside.

tofu on a frying pan
Tofu vege recipe

Now, put the eggs in a bowl and beat them until they're mixed well.

Next, place the tofu slices in a frying pan over low-medium heat. Fill the middle of each tofu with the cooked vegetables, and

then slowly pour in the beaten egg.

You may want to use a large spoon to prevent the egg from spilling over.

Then, put the lid on the pan for a minute or two until the bottom of the tofu is cooked. Once it's ready, carefully turn them over to cook both sides evenly.

Here you have two options!

Option 1:

You can finish by placing the tofu vege pancakes on a plate and serve them with magic soy sauce.

Tofu Vege Pancake
Tofu Vege Pancake Option 1
Tofu Vege Pancake
Tofu Vege Pancake Option 2

Alternatively, since we only used a small portion of the eggs, you have the option to dip the cooked tofu once again in the eggs to double-coat them. The pictures here illustrate both options.

When you double-coat the tofu slices with eggs, the vegetables in the middle don't show as much, making it appear like plain tofu.

The trick to enhance the presentation is to cut the tofu in half when serving.

This way, the colorful vegetables in the middle will be beautifully displayed, standing out against the white tofu sides, as shown in the pictures next.

I am quite happy with my new cooking experiment.

It is indeed a healthy snack!

I hope you also enjoy the recipe as much as I did. Thank you!

Now, enjoy the whole cooking process in the next 50-sec video!


Gab Adam
Gab Adam
Jul 29, 2023

What a cool idea!


Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor
Jul 26, 2023

I like pancakes 😋

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