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Welcome to my little wisdom nest!

About Me


Thank you for visiting my blog!

Just a little bit about my background: I was born and raised in South Korea until I was 17 years old. Then, my family moved to New Zealand, where I finished the last two years of high school and university. I studied Japanese and Psychology at university, but my true passion was dancing. 

(Well, a bit of a late starter but hey, I wanted to dance!)

So I pursued a Contemporary Dance Major at the New Zealand School of Dance.

After dancing professionally in both New Zealand and Europe, I became curious about life and the human mind. (Perhaps, why I chose the subject at Univ?)

This interest also led me to start practicing meditation. And now, I help people cleanse their minds and find inner peace through meditation practice!

I started this blog as a way to share my love of helping and inspiring others, and I hope you'll find something useful here. Whether you're looking for a quick laugh, a new recipe to try, or an inspirational quote to start your day, you'll find it all here...(well, I hope to build up to that, that's my

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