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A Perfect Song to Learn the Body Parts in Korean while dancing [Ft. Best Health Dance]

If you have learned the body parts in Korean from the previous post, then this is the perfect song to dance to and practice what you studied!

Best Health Dance

Best Health Dance is a rejuvenating exercise/dance that invigorates your body and nurtures your mind. It offers a simple and enjoyable dance routine that can be easily followed by anyone.

Consisting of 18 distinct movements, this dance promotes overall well-being and harmony between your mind and body. It starts from the feet, then goes up to the head through each body part, slowly warming up the whole body. You can really learn the whole body parts in Korean while dancing! This dance routine lasts for 6 minutes and by incorporating this invigorating exercise into your daily routine, you will find yourself feeling refreshed and exhilarated, enhancing the quality of your daily life.

A girl dancing
Learn the Basic Korean: Body Parts

Best Health Dance Lyrics: Learning the Body Parts in Korean

춤 means a dance.

춤을 추다: To dance a dance

추어라 means Dance! In short, it becomes 춰라 or 춰.

You will hear this phrase being repeated a lot :춤을 춰라 춤을 춰


발춤을 춰라 발춤을 춰

Dance the feet dance



무릎 춤을 춰라 무릎 춤을 춰

Dance the knees dance


hips/ butt

엉덩이춤을 춰라 엉덩이춤을 춰

Dance the butt dance


back/ waist

허리춤을 춰라 허리춤을 춰

Dance the waist dance


배춤을 춰라 배춤을 춰

Dance the belly dance



가슴춤을 춰라 가슴춤을 춰

Dance the chest dance



어깨춤을 춰라 어깨춤을 춰

Dance the shoulder dance


목춤을 춰라 목춤을 춰

Dance the neck dance



머리춤을 춰라 머리춤을 춰

Dance the head dance

앞으로 가는

go forward

앞으로 가는 춤을 춰라

Dance going forward

뒤로 가는

go backward

뒤로 가는 춤을 춰라

Dance going backward

뺑뺑 도는


뺑뺑 도는 춤을 춰라

Dance spinning round and round


whole body

전신 춤을 춰라 전신 춤을 춰

Dance the whole body dance

잘 추는 춤

best dance

잘 추는 춤을 춰라

Dance your best dance


just dance

막춤을 춰라 막춤을 춰

Just dance


without mind


Dance as if out of mind


in a heap

마구마구 춰라

Dance lots and lots

계속 계속


계속 계속 춰라

Keep on dancing

So, while dancing and listening to the lyrics, you can learn Korean as well as get your exercise done!


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