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KBS World Radio's 8th Korean Language Speech Contest

Are you learning Korean? Would you like an opportunity to showcase your Korean-speaking skills?

Then, this might be the perfect opportunity for you! KBS World Radio is organizing a special event for Korean language learners who are currently residing overseas and have a desire to visit Korea.

While I was updating my blog about Korean language learning and cultural insights, I stumbled upon this exciting event that may catch the interest of Korean learners. I plan to keep a close eye on similar events in the future to continually encourage people to delve deeper into Korean culture and expand their knowledge about Korea!

KBS World Radio Korean Language Speech Contest

Eligibility: Who Can Apply?

Foreign nationals living outside of Korea, including those residing in Europe, are eligible to participate, provided they meet the age requirements. However, it is important to note that naturalized Koreans and foreign nationals of Korean descent are not eligible to participate.

Participants residing in Europe must be 16 years of age or older, or meet the minimum age requirement set by their respective home countries.

Korean Speech Contest
KBS WORD Radio Event

Awards and Prizes: What if I win?

The awards and prizes aim to acknowledge and reward the outstanding efforts and achievements of the participants in the competition.

The first-place winner (1 winner) will receive a prize of 4 million KRW (approximately $3,000 USD) along with a certification to acknowledge their achievement.

2nd place (1 winner): 1.5 million KRW with a certification to recognize their accomplishment

3rd place (1 winner): 1 million KRW with a certification for 3rd place

Award of Excellence (3 winners): Each winner will receive a souvenir worth 200,000 KRW as a token of recognition for their outstanding performance

Popularity & Early Birt Award (one winner for each award): Each winner will receive souvenirs worth 100,000 KRW as a token of appreciation for their contributions and participation

Contest Schedule

This schedule outlines the key dates and stages of the contest, including the preliminary and final rounds, the announcement of award winners, and a special program to celebrate and reveal the winners.

Preliminary Round:

  • Application Period: June 28 - July 26 (4 weeks)

  • August 9: Announcement of Preliminary Results (TOP 10)

Final Round:

  • In August: Final Round featuring the TOP 10 contestants

  • August 9 - 16: Most Popular Video Award voting period

Awards Announcement:

  • August 23: Announcement of Popularity and Early Bird Award Winners

Special Program & Winners Announcement:

  • October 9: Special Program and Announcement of all Winners

How to Enter the Contest

First, make sure to fully understand the given topic. Then, create a Korean language video that has a duration of around one minute, featuring yourself as the main participant.

To participate, click on the "Preliminary Application Begins" button (from their website). This will direct you to the entry form, where you can provide the required details and submit your video. The link will become available on June 28th.

TOPICS 1. A Korean destination you want to visit the most

2. A Korean destination you discovered through KBS World Radio that you want to visit

Korean Contest Toic list
KBS World Korean Contest TOPIC
Main Judging Criteria

The main judging criteria for this Korean Speech contest will focus on two key aspects. Firstly, the evaluation will consider how effectively the video captures and conveys the theme of the preliminary round. Judges will assess the extent to which the content aligns with the given theme and how well it is presented in the video. Secondly, the contestant's Korean language skill and fluency will be taken into account, along with the originality of the video's content.

If you are thinking of participating, I wish you all the best!

For any inquiries, you can contact them directly through their email :

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