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The Limited Perspective of the Human Mind: An Analogy Using Twin Babies in the Womb

Updated: May 29, 2023

This is one of my favorite analogies to explain the limitations the human mind has.

There were twin babies in their mother's womb.

One of the babies began to ask the other questions.

"Do you believe in life after delivery? Do you think we will continue to live after the delivery?"

The other baby responded,

"That's ridiculous! We've never heard of anyone coming back after delivery. There is no such thing as life after delivery. That's it. That's the end."

"Hmm..." The questioning baby then asked,

"What about our mother? Do you believe in her? Do you think Mother exists?"

The other baby laughed and replied,

"Nonsense! Look around us. All we can see is darkness. Where is our mother? There is no such thing as a mother."


This analogy compares the limited perspective and understanding of the twin babies in the womb to the limitations of the human mind's understanding of the world and its existence.

The babies, trapped in the darkness of the womb, can only think from their own limited perspective and are unable to grasp the concept of life outside of it and the idea of a mother.

Similarly, when we as humans contemplate on whether there is eternal life after our physical death or whether God exists, our limited perspective can often lead us to not find the true answers.

Who has the real answers to the questions the twins had?


Just like how the mother knows that their life starts after delivery, and that she exists, the answers to these big questions can only be understood from a broader, more expansive perspective, similar to that of the 'mother' or the universe.

Take for example, the way we refer to Nature as 'Mother Nature', this is because the universe is where everything comes from and where we will ultimately return.

When we become the mind of the universe, we will find all the answers.

We will be able to understand our place in the grand scheme of things, and the mysteries of life that have long eluded us!

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