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Two ways to eliminate your enemies!

Updated: May 29, 2023

Want to know the ways to eliminate your enemies for good? I have a story for you.

One day, a church pastor was giving a sermon about enemies and forgiveness.

He asked his members to raise their hands if they had no enemies.

He was quite confident that no one would put their hand up because it is impossible for humans not to have any enemies.

However, to his surprise, an old man raised his hand up.

A little startled by the old man's reaction, he asked again.

"Please put your hand on your heart and reflect deeply to see if there is absolutely no one that you hold any hatred towards. If you can truly say that you have no enemies, then raise your hand."

Again, the old man raised his hand.

The pastor continued, "Here we are in this sacred place. You can't lie here. Please think again and look back at your life. Please raise your hand if there is no one you hate."

The old man, now, a bit tired of raising his hand for the third time, slowly raised it again.

The curious pastor couldn't help but ask the old man,

"Are you sure you don't have any enemies, Sir?"

The old man opened his mouth and answered, 'Yes'

The pastor asked again,

"How is that possible?"

The old man spoke quietly,



For him, even speaking was not so easy as he was very old.

Then, finally, he spoke.

"They all died"


I hope you enjoyed the story. It was just one of the funny stories I heard on the radio a long time ago.

It is really hard not to have any hatred in our minds, right?

When I first started meditation, my meditation guide told me to reflect back on my life and discard all my enemies.

At first, I thought;

"I don't have any enemies, I am okay with people. I have nothing to discard."

But my guide told me to look back on the people who I felt uncomfortable with, or people I found annoying, and the moments I was angry, etc.

As I reflected on these topics, I could see that there was no one I didn't make judgments on!! Oh my, everyone was my enemy!

Through meditation, I could see I was really judging people based on whether what they did or said suited my mind, my standard, or not. It was all coming from my self-centered mindset.

It was really liberating to be able to discard that mindset and be free of judgments. After all, it is yourself that suffers from having all those negative minds.

So, nowadays, I tell people that there are two ways to eliminate enemies for good!

1. You outlive anyone else! Then for sure, you will have no enemies around you.

2. You meditate and discard all your judging mind and be free from hatred in your mind.

Whether you choose 1 or 2, it's up to you!

Haha, just be wise, though!

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