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Blossoming Reflections: Embracing Nature's Gifts and Meditation's Serenity in Sydney's Summer

As summer takes hold here in Sydney, Australia, a lively transformation is underway, with nature's bounty flourishing rapidly, especially after the recent showers.

These days, my daily ritual involves the simple joy of picking ripe blackberries, relishing not just their sweet taste but also the nourishment they provide.

Our front garden hosts a mango tree, and this year, it's thriving like never before. Factors such as soil quality and weather conditions seem to have aligned perfectly, resulting in a plentiful harvest of mangoes. The abundance is truly remarkable!

Beyond the blackberries and the flourishing mango tree, our garden boasts a delightful array of chilies, Thai basil, mint, rosemary, and a lime tree. It's a source of gratitude and appreciation that has deepened with age. Reflecting on my youth, I recall my mother's green thumb, her garden even earning a feature in the local newspaper. In those days, her excitement about fresh vegetables puzzled me, but now I understand the thrill of witnessing flowers bloom and fruits ripen in one's garden.

Perhaps it's the natural course of aging, or maybe the influence of meditation that has brought clarity to my mind, but I now find joy in appreciating life's simple pleasures, with nature at the forefront. Walking amidst the wonders of nature and indulging in ocean swims have become cherished pastimes.

I vividly recall a lesson from one of my meditation teachers who spoke about the challenge people face in appreciating life's beauty due to being consumed by their own thoughts—a sentiment I find undeniably true.

Gratitude fills my heart for the ability to release unnecessary thoughts through meditation, enabling me to savor the beauty of nature and life itself. I hope that more individuals can embrace meditation, clearing their minds and fostering a harmonious coexistence in this beautiful world.

*This is how I am getting the mangoes! lol.


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