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Sydney Gap Studios Photography Free Photoshoot Review

Today I finally got the photo from Sydney Gap Studios where I participated in their free photography photoshoot session. It was a great experience and I have to say I enjoyed it.

Well, I could also say it was an adventure that had me dancing on the edge of excitement and skepticism in a way.

Gap Studios Sydney
Gap Studios Sydney

The tale begins with a casual scroll through Instagram. Sydney Gap Studios beckoned potential models through a promotion that covered a spectrum of categories, from family portraits to pet sessions.

My eye caught the "dancer" category, and a spontaneous thought crossed my mind - why not give it a whirl?

Although my dance days are behind me, I can still strike a pose or two, right?

A few days later, an email landed in my inbox, announcing my shortlisting. (Well, I suspect they shortlisted everyone, but who am I to dampen the thrill?)

The deal included an hour of free photoshoot time and the promise of one free photo. They even nudged me to brainstorm poses, leading me to Pinterest for inspiration.

Curiosity led me to Google, and there I found a tapestry of reviews weaving between stellar and scathing.

Their polarizing reviews made me a bit more interested in finding out about it.

I delved into the confirmation email, scrutinizing the fine print. A deposit of around $90 was required, refundable upon attendance. The caveat: any additional photos came with a hefty price tag.

The actual photoshoot proved delightful. The photographer's nimble lens caught my movements effortlessly, transporting me back to my dancing days. I brought various costumes and premeditated poses, but the photographer, a creative collaborator, suggested diverse backgrounds and experimented with different lights.

Dance photos
My old dance photos

Post-shoot, the moment of truth arrived as we reviewed the images on a big screen. The process of elimination left me with the daunting task of choosing one from the last 10.

A Korean saying, "견물생심," echoed - seeing is wanting. Meditation became my ally as I selected the one photo entitled to me.

While reviews warned of persuasive sales tactics, I just told her that I read the email thoroughly and understood what the deal was. She was fine with it too.

A hitch in the journey emerged when I discovered I had to pay for postage. The $20 deduction from my deposit was a minor inconvenience, but the choice of delivery service, Aramex, left a bitter aftertaste. Negative reviews echoed my own experience - a missed home delivery (they simply did not bother, I was at home!), a pick-up point message, and a question lingering about the purpose of the postage fee.

Conclusion: A Lesson in Fine Print and Expectations:

In recounting this experience, I hope to demystify the allure of a free photoshoot. It's essential to approach such promotions with clarity and awareness. The fine print is your compass, guiding you through the labyrinth of expectations and potential expenses.

Dance photo
The photo I got from the photoshoot

Whether this adventure is for you or not, remember - a free photo is just that, and understanding the deal can be the difference between delight and disappointment.

As for my photo, I am happy about it and the memories of the studio's rhythm and the dance with the lens remain priceless.

Thank you!

If you are studying Korean, check out my Korean blog article about it!

For anyone who might be interested, this is one of my dance videos. Hope you enjoy!

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David Clouston
David Clouston
Nov 18, 2023

I thought that new photo of you was an old one!! Very striking. I like it more than the past one's. Original and class.

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