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Self Balancing Food (SBF) | Introducing My Healthy Breakfast

For the past 7-8 years, my breakfast routine has remained consistent.

Well, recently I've also started incorporating detox juice into the routine every now and then. However, the main element I'd like to introduce is what I would like to talk about in this post!

A cup of self balancing food mix
My Breakfast: Self Balancing Food

Self Balancing Food

It's called Self-Balancing Food (SBF), a blend of powdered vegetables and grains that offers a simple and convenient solution. All you need to do is mix them with water—so easy!

What I appreciate about Self Balancing Food (SBF):

  • It's organic and Non-GMO

  • It's 100% plant-based

  • It's gluten-Free

  • It's easy to prepare

  • It quickly provides an energy boost

  • It's the best healthy alternative when I have late-night snack cravings.

The vegetable powder includes Broccoli, onion, corn silk, cabbage, sweet potato, carrot, tomato, garlic, almonds, and spinach.

The grain powder consists of black beans, brown rice, buckwheat, flax, millet, mung bean, oat, red bean, sesame seed, and sorghum.

Three Main Benefits I've noticed since having SBF

  • Improved digestion: Because it's in powdered form, the body can easily absorb its nutrients. This makes it particularly convenient for quick morning preparation, and it's gentle on my digestive system. Moreover, as my body becomes accustomed to healthier foods that are neither fried nor processed with additives like MSG, I can distinctly sense the impact on my body when I consume heavy meat-based or oily junk foods. Not only do these foods lead to indigestion, but I've also observed changes in the color and odor of my stool. (Pooh! Pardon the topic!)

  • Regular and easy bowel movements: Thanks to my habit of beginning the day with a glass of warm water followed by the SBF smoothie for breakfast, my bowel movements have become consistent and effortless. I've been free from constipation for quite a while now.

  • Enhanced overall well-being: The comfort my body experiences with SBF positively affects my focus and productivity. When you're bloated, concentrating becomes challenging. However, with SBF, I obtain sufficient energy without the lethargy caused by extensive digestion. This aids my overall daily productivity. Additionally, by discontinuing late-night snacking, I've noticed improved sleep quality. There are instances when I'm active until late and feel hunger pangs, prompting me to crave snacks. In these situations, a glass of SBF perfectly and healthily satisfies my hunger!

A glass of Self balnacing food
SBF smoothie with almonds and bananas
How I have SBF in the mornings

I typically combine the SBF powder with half a banana and a handful of almonds.

I soak the almonds overnight because their skins contain phytic acid, which could hinder the absorption of essential minerals like calcium, iron, and zinc. However, this acid is water-soluble, so soaking the almonds in water improves their nutritional value.

On occasion, I enjoy SBF with soy milk or even add honey to the mix, depending on how I'm feeling in the morning!

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. -Hippocrates

Today's market is flooded with health food products. However, more people are sicker than ever because these products (often marketed as strengthening, enhancing, boosting, etc.) can actually cause an imbalance. Even detoxing should be approached with balance.

Our body is a remarkable work of nature, and when it's in balance, it can maintain its own health.

This is why it's said that an unbalanced body will crave what is harmful, while a balanced body will naturally desire what is beneficial. Balance is the missing link in today's nutrition, and Self-Balancing Food is specifically designed to bring balance to our five major organs and six supporting organs.

5 Major organs

Heart, Spleen, Liver, Lung, and Kidney

6 Supporting organs

Large intestine, Gall bladder, Urinary bladder, Stomach, Small intestine and Triple burner

Here, I have a YouTube video that explains how SBF is made and its role in balancing the body.

Looking back, I realize I could have simply included a link to the video!

Nevertheless, I am truly grateful for SBF and also for Sydney Meditation. Many members of the meditation group share an interest in holistic health, and we often make joint purchases, making it more convenient to obtain SBF.

For those of you who are seeking healthy food options, I wholeheartedly recommend giving SBF a try!


David Clouston
David Clouston
Aug 17, 2023

Alright!! I'm going to add almonds and banana to my SBF! Thanks for the tip Robin 🙏

Bright Wisdom
Bright Wisdom
Aug 17, 2023
Replying to

Oh, that's great! Hope you like it!

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