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No Flour Healthy Chives Pancake Recipe

Updated: May 27

Today, we are making a healthy, flourless pancake with chives, carrot and onion!

This is a great healthy snack idea, or you can have it as a side dish to your meal as well.

Chives are known to be a good source of Vitamin K, which is important for bone health.

I used to be able to eat all sorts of food, but recently, I developed a rash on my skin. My doctor advised me to stay away from instant food, processed meat, sugary, and flour-based foods. So I have been very conscicous of what I eat and now the rash has gone.

Since then, I have tried to eat and cook healthily.

Well, this recipe is simple and healthy for sure!

Let's start!

Ingredients : Chives (handful) Onion 1/2, Carrot 1/2, Eggs 3

How to make a flourless pancake with chives, carrot, and onion.

  1. Prepare the chives and onion. Wash and cut them into small bite sized pieces.

  2. Grate the carrot.

  3. Then, put the chopped chives, onions and grated carrots in a bowl and mix them well.

4. Prepare the eggs in a separate bowl and beat them well.

5. Add the beaten eggs to the bowl with the chopped vegetables and mix everything together well. It is easier to your hand.

6. Preheat a pan with oil.

7. Pour the mixture into the pan and cover it with a lid. Cook the bottom of the pancake until it is done, then flip it over and cook the other side until it is cooked through.

8. Cut the pancake into bite-sized pieces and place them on a plate.

9. Dip the pieces in your favourite sauce, or try the magic soy sauce. Enjoy!

flourless chives pancake

Here is a 1-minute video of the recipe!


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