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Lost Your Phone in Sydney? Here's What Worked for Me

Yes, that's right. I've lost my phone...

Late one afternoon, my friend and I took a break from walking along the Parramatta River and sat down on a shaded bench under a bridge. It was quite a nice spot, and I remember taking a few pictures of the view under the bridge, which I thought looked quite artistic.

finding a lost phone in Sydney

It was probably there on the bench where I must have left my phone, instead of putting it in my bag. No~~~!!!

When I got home, I took a shower and looked for my phone. Huh? Where is it? What? No... Don't tell me I lost it...

I rushed back on my bike, to the bench where I had last seen it.

But of course, it was gone. I actually have two phones, one for my work, which is the one I lost, and just an old phone which I use only for personal matters every now and then. So I used the old phone to call my phone but it went straight to my voicemail.

Hmmm... I've told a few of my friends what happened and what they told me was not hopeful.

"Especially smartphones... chances are slim that it will come back. People just take it, you know"



Anyway, I searched on google for what to do when you lose a phone. I came across the Find My Device feature, which uses your Google account to locate your phone. Unfortunately, it couldn't find my phone's location.

I knew the battery was not dead as I had seen that it was 50% full when I last checked it. It was only a couple of hours ago, so the power couldn't have drained that fast unless it was turned off manually. That's probably why it was going straight to voicemail. By then I was sure someone had it.

The feature also had a function where you could send a message to your phone. I left a message with my other phone number, asking whoever found it to contact me.

That was all I could do. Then, it was 9 pm already which was my online meditation time.

Online Meditation is convinient!

So I meditated. There was nothing I could do.

One of the major changes I learned from meditation is to accept what it is and be able to focus on what I need to do next, rather than dwelling on what could've been done or how things should've been.

Sad and annoyed, of course, but no point in being stuck in that mindset. So, I discarded all the minds that came up and was able to calm my mind.

Toward the end of the meditation where I felt calm and was able to accept the fact it was gone and would probably not come back, and it was then that my old phone started ringing!!!

Yes, it was my lost phone calling me! Yay!

Someone picked it up and was calling to return it. Thank you!!

Phew. So I got my phone back. Thank goodness.

Right after I got my phone back, I shared my story on my Korean blog. It was interesting how many people commented on it. It received a lot of attention with more than 400 likes and 45 comments!!

Robin's Korean Blog Screen Shot

I titled the post "What are the chances of getting your phone back when you lose it in Sydney?" People must have been interested in finding out.

I wrote that the chances of getting your phone back in Sydney are 100% today and that applies only TODAY. So it may not be the same next time, the best is to be careful not to lose it! LOL.

Thank you for reading and also thank you to the one who picked it up and returned it to me!


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