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Fried Tofu Recipe: Healthy Stuffed Salad in Inari Sushi Pockets

Fried tofu, or it's often referred to as Japanese Inari sushi pockets, is typically served with rice. This dish is a popular choice for lunch boxes.

However, today I will demonstrate how you can transform it into a wonderfully healthy vegetarian snack, all without the need for rice!


Yubu (fried tofu in Korean) or Inari sushi pockets. These are readily available at Asian stores. Square pockets are recommended as they are easier to stuff, although I used triangular ones today because that was what I had at home.

Apple, Carrot, Cucumber, Capsicum, Cabbage, Avocado and lemon.

Basically, any vegetables you have in your fridge can be used. Also, depending on how much you would like to make, you can adjust the amount of the fruit and vegetables.

Fried Tofu Recipe (Stuffed with Salad)

Begin by removing the plastic cover from the fried tofu pockets. Place them in a bowl and soak them in hot water for a couple of minutes before draining.

Set the tofu aside and proceed to prepare the vegetables.

Dice the carrots, capsicums, cabbage, and cucumber into small pieces.

The finer the dice, the easier it will be to stuff them into the pouches.

After dicing the apple, squeeze the lemon and combine the apple pieces with the lemon juice. This not only imparts a refreshing flavor but also prevents the apple from turning brown.

Then, combine all of the vegetables well.

I opted to use a grater for the carrots to save some time (or in other words, due to a touch of laziness). However, I wouldn't recommend this approach. The grated carrots tend to stick out, making it more challenging to stuff them into the triangular pockets. This experience is why I highly suggest using square pockets if you're attempting this recipe at home.

You can choose to finely dice the avocado and strawberries as well. However, for today's presentation, I sliced them sideways. This choice was purely made for visual reasons, to enhance the appearance in the photos for this blog. :-)

Next, gently fill each pocket with the mixed salad. Voila!

Your fried tofu recipe is ready to be enjoyed!

You can place one or two pockets on a small plate for individual appetizers. Since these pockets don't contain any sauces and consist solely of vegetables and fruits with a hint of lemon, they make an exceptionally healthy snack. This option is also suitable for individuals who need to monitor their blood sugar levels.

Fried tofu with salad
Fried Tofu stuffed with salad

Let's eat healthily and live happily. Thank you!


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