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Easy Peasy Sweet Potato Latte Recipe

Updated: May 29, 2023

When it's cold in Korea, roasted sweet potatoes and chestnuts are one of the best snacks people enjoy, especially in winter. Here in Australia, well, although, it's called WINTER, it is nothing compared to what it's like in Korea where the temperature goes down to more than -15 at times. However, it doesn't matter. Now I am in Sydney and maybe I've been here long enough. All I can say is that it IS winter and it is SO COLD. (What's the temperature today? 7 in the morning and 21 in the afternoon.)

Anyway, I thought of sweet potatoes and yes, let's make a SWEET POTATO LATTE! Also, If you're looking for a delicious and easy dessert to make for your family or guests, then this might be a good idea, too! It's a creamy and comforting drink that's perfect for chilly days or cozy nights.

Sweet Potato Latte in a cup
Sweet Potato Latte

Are Sweet Potatoes Nutritious?

Sweet potatoes are not only tasty but also nutritious. They are rich in vitamin A, fibre, potassium, and antioxidants. They can help lower blood pressure, improve digestion, and boost immunity. Plus, they have a natural sweetness that makes them ideal for desserts.

Sweet Potato Latte is not coffee, but because it has milk, so it is called Latte. It is quite common in Korea but now even in Sydney, you can easily find it on the menus in Cafes, especially if it's run by Koreans.

Sweet Potato Latte Recipe

Today, we are going to make a super easy homemade sweet potato latte.


Sweet Potato


Honey (optional)

Cut sweet potatoes
Preparing Sweet potatoes

I used two sweet potatoes. Wash them well. If you want to peel the skin off, you can do so but I just left it. Depending on how you want to cook, you can either put the whole thing in a pot with water and bring it to a boil until it's tender or you can use a rice cooker as I did. Chop the sweet potatoes into small pieces so they can be cooked easily.

*Once you make the drink, the leftover sweet potatoes can be consumed as it is, as well.

sweet potato in a rice cooker
Cooking sweet potatoes in a rice cooker

So I put the sliced sweet potatoes into my rice cooker with a half cup of water and used the reheat function. Depending on how thinly you sliced, once might be enough, otherwise, use a chopstick or a fork to see if it's cooked and if needed, reheat again.

milk and the sweet potato in a blender
Add milk and the sweet potato in a blender

You can use any plant-based milk. I normally have lactose-free milk. If you don't want the skin, you can take it off before putting into the blender. For me, I didn't mind it, so I put the whole chunk as it was. Also, if you want it a little sweeter, then you can also add honey.

Blending sweet potato with milk
Making a sweet potato latte

If you are having it like a soup, then put more sweet potatoes so it becomes thick. If you would like it more as a drink, then add more milk. You can adjust the consistency according to your liking.

A Delicious Sweet Potato Latte
A Delicious Sweet Potato Latte

Now, it's ready! Because I didn't peel the skin off, it actually gave a little bit of color! Nice!

They say, although sweet potatoes are rich in fiber, it lacks protein and therefore, it is good to have them with milk. It's easy to make and it is nutritious! So, why not try it today?

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Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor
20 giu 2023

It certainly is cold to me, went down to 5 degrees here in Mandurah 🥶 3 blankets, 2 sleeping bags and a doona 😎👍

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Brisbane Meditation
Brisbane Meditation
07 giu 2023


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Steven Trpenov
Steven Trpenov
28 mag 2023

Definitely going to have to try this one ... Sweet potatoes and Koreans are like heaven and earth

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Bright Wisdom
Bright Wisdom
07 giu 2023
Risposta a

haha thanks, yes please try it!

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