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Discovering Organic Korean Fermented Sauces in Sydney (Soy sauce, Denjang)

Did you know there's a place in Sydney where you can get organic Korean fermented sauces like Denjang (soy paste), Ganjang (soy sauce), and Gochujang (chili paste)?

I was thrilled when I first spotted organic soy sauce at a local Asian supermarket. Initially, I was curious and skeptical—how different could organic soy sauce be? However, after buying my second bottle, my curiosity led me to dive deeper. I decided to visit the farm where it's produced, and I realized that many people interested in healthy eating might not know about such options.

This gem of a farm, called Yaemejin, is nestled in Schofields, a rapidly developing suburb about 45 kilometers northwest of Sydney's CBD. The owner explained that 'Ye-mae-jin' combines three Korean words: art ('ye'), plum flower ('mae'), and flavor ('jin'), meaning their products are made skillfully, fragrantly, and tastefully.

Yaemejin specializes in doenjang, soy sauce, and cheonggukjang, all crafted from the finest quality Australian organic soybeans (ACO 41), Australian sea salt, and pure water.

They also offer green plum extract and fermented quince tea, made from fruit handpicked from their very own farm.

During my visit, I was fortunate to see the blooming green plum flowers, which created a breathtaking scene as a gentle breeze scattered the white petals like snowflakes. It was also fascinating to see the Hang-a-ri (Korean ceramic pots) lined up next to the plum trees, where the soybeans and saltwater ferment for the second stage.

The owner, a former Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) designer, moved to Australia over 30 years ago. Her journey into organic farming began after a visit back to Korea, where she rediscovered the benefits of Korean fermented sauces, marking the start of Yaemejin's story.

As I heard her story, I could see how her eye for detail in Hanbok design translated seamlessly into the meticulous process of crafting these organic sauces.

Interest in well-being foods is growing, with more people understanding the link between diet, allergies, and mental health. Just like a tree thrives best in nutritious soil, our bodies flourish with wholesome food. Good, organic food is akin to well-fertilized soil, enhancing our immune system and overall health.

Yaemejin’s Korean fermented sauces are available at most Asian grocery stores in Eastwood, Strathfield, and Chatswood. You can find a list of stores on their website. For those living far from Sydney, they offer postal delivery services as well.

If you're into Korean cuisine or cooking in general, using natural, healthy ingredients is essential.

Unlike products laden with MSG, coloring agents, and other chemicals that can cause skin and health issues, organic options, though slightly more expensive, are a worthwhile investment for your health and well-being.

Discovering Yaemejin has been a delight, and I am excited to share their products with you.

Let’s prioritize our health with good food! Thank you for reading!


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