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A witty one-cut cartoon that speaks a lot

Updated: May 29, 2023

This is such a witty one-cut cartoon that speaks a lot with a simple sentence.

Once I heard someone saying that if ants or bees disappear from the earth, then the whole ecosystem will be in danger.

Whereas, if humans become extinct from the earth, everything will flourish within a few years' time.

It is human's greedy mind that is destroying our own nature.

Animals live following nature's flow.

When a lion eats a zebra, it does so because it needs to survive. However, once he is full, he doesn't kill anything. He doesn't hunt out of fear that there might be nothing in the future or kill animals to show he is greater than others or simply because he doesn't like others to have more than him.

How about humans?

We all know that human greed is endless and it is the very reason why we are having so many problems at the moment.

I guess the most urgent thing to do for us is to return to our original nature so that we can live following nature's flow and coexist with the world.

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