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What? Really? Exploring Genetic Diversity: My Surprising DNA Journey

So I got my DNA test results today. I sent it off about a month ago and I got quite curious as they kept sending all these progress emails, like 'Your DNA samples arrived', 'Your DNA extraction in progress', etc.

Momondo - The DNA Journey

I came across a YouTube clip called "My DNA Journey" a few years ago. It is a project from Momondo, an independent global travel search site, that aims to explore the genetic diversity of people around the world and to show that we are all connected and that we have more in common than we think.

In the clip I watched, the participants were asked if they knew where they came from and if there were people of certain countries or nationalities that they didn't get along well with or did not particularly like.

One English guy was saying he was sure that he was 100% English and was not fond of Germans. Also, this French lady was saying that she's from France and French people were the best! Then, they took the DNA test to find out they are actually much more mixed than they thought they were.

The English guy was in fact 5% German himself and the French lady was actually 30% English! The participants were very surprised to find out about their genetic heritage and one of them was saying, it should be compulsory so that people understand that there is no such thing as pure race and extremism.

My DNA Journey

I often showed this video clip in my meditation classes or workshops because it is a good example of what you THINK who you are and what you BELIEVE who you are might not necessarily be TRUE.

It's good to be open-minded and if you are open enough to follow the method of discarding one's own false minds, one can see that we are truly ONE as the Universe, beyond the genetic information!

I always thought I wouldn't mind doing the DNA test myself. It was in the back of my mind but I never actually took any action. Then, when one of my friends mentioned that her family did it and she still had one spare kit at home and asked if I wanted it, I said YES, PLEASE! right away.

My Heritage DNA kit
DNA kit

The process was very simple. We have done so many covid tests. It was similar. In fact, a lot easier because you don't have to stick the thing into your nose. Basically, you get two cotton swabs and put each into your mouth, get it wet with your saliva then put it into each container provided in the kit and send them back to the lab.

As the lab is located in the States, it took about 2-3 weeks from Australia, then another week or so for the DNA extraction.

My DNA Results!

So, today when I opened the email, it said the results were ready and asked if I was READY to explore my ethnicity. Yes, bring it on! (I am SURE I am Korean!)



I am about 47.3 % Korean and Japanese, 31.4% Chinese and Vietnamese, and 21.3% Mongolian!

Alright, I am a real representative of Asia!

or Asian mongrel, as my friend would say. lol.

They also show you if you have any close, extended family or distant relatives. So far, I have 28 distant relatives around the globe. They are from the people who happened to do the DNA test with this particular company. There are several companies that do these DNA tests and you will only find out if you have the matches when both of you do the test in the same company.

I guess if the whole population of the world takes this test, then we would find out that we are just one big family.

My DNA Map
My DNA map

It was good fun to find out. Also, I thank the meditation I do. LOL.

If it were before the meditation, I would have been like, WHAT? THIS IS WRONG. No way!

Discarding all your false conceptions, fixed ideas, and beliefs not only frees you from being stuck in unhealthy ideas but also makes you open-minded, happy, and grateful.

If anyone is interested in finding your DNA heritage, you can have a look at the website below.

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