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Sydney Daylight saving ends on 2nd April

Updated: May 29, 2023

Daylight saving that started in early October last year will end this Sunday as we move into autumn.


Daylight saving ends at 3am, on Sunday 2 April 2021. (Eastern Daylight saving Time)

This means on sunday, 2 April 2023, 3am clocks are turned backward 1 hour to 2am local standard time instead.

Then, instead of using AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time), we would use AEST which is Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Sunrise and sunset will be about 1 hour earlier on 2 Apr 2023 than the day before. There will be more light in the morning. For me, the best part is that you can sleep in for 1 more hour! Yay!

Daylight saving begins at 2am, Eastern Standard Time on Sunday 1 October 2023.

Why Daylight saving?

As I do a lot of zoom meetings with people in QLD and WA, I find daylight saving a little annoying. I actually asked Bing what the reasons are for Daylight saving.

This is what it gave me:

Daylight saving is the practice of advancing clocks one hour during the warmer months of the year. It is observed in some parts of Australia, such as New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory, and Norfolk Island. The main reason for daylight saving is to make better use of natural daylight and reduce the need for artificial lighting. Daylight saving was first introduced in Australia during World War I and World War II, as a way to save energy and resources. Today, some people also enjoy having more daylight hours for outdoor activities and socializing.

If the whole country follows it together, then I guess it doesn't matter much. But when some states follow it and others don't, it seems a little unnecessary. It looks like they are just following it because it is something that has been done every year since WWI and WWII.

Well, what can I do?

Simply be happy about this Sunday for being able to sleep in!


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