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My Journey to Finding Inner Peace, Freedom and True Happiness: A Dancer's Perspective

Wanting to live the good life, a life of comfort, is the desire and state of mind of people currently living in the world. They live for this purpose but the further they go down this path, the more hopeless and wretched they become. This kind of life only brings suffering and burden.

from "Where you become true is the place of truth"

This was how I felt. My life was good and I was happy, but something was missing, and not knowing what was suffering.

I started my serious dance training after I finished University.

I studied Japanese and Psychology but what I really wanted to do was dance. So after I graduated from the university, I enrolled in a full-time dance course and then got into NZ school of dance as a contemporary dance major.

Often most dancers begin training at a young age, so it was a rare case that I started so late and yet made it to a professional level.

I worked hard and I had to work hard because there was so much to catch up on as I started so late. When I finally finished my training and got a job as a full-time dancer, and I finally considered myself a professional dancer, I felt so happy and grateful.

However, after a few years of dancing, performing and touring, I started to wonder about life if this was all there was. Until then I was identifying myself as a dancer and dancing was what made me happy. But I saw my fellow dancers forced to retire due to injuries and I also knew one day when I get old, I would have to stop dancing. Then what would be there? Who am I? Where is my happiness?

Along with these questions, I also had questions about my mind.

Most of the time, I tried to be positive and not worry about things much. However, the mind seemed to have a mind of its own. Is this really "My" mind? Why can't I be calm or happy all the time? Why do I go into an anxious state or depressed mood when I know in my head that I don't need to be like that?

These questions led me to search for a solution. I found answers to these questions through meditation. If you happened to come across this article and you still haven't got the answers to your life questions, I hope you try meditation!

Here is a dance piece I choreographed at the time. It has a subtitle that goes with the dance, so you will be able to understand the moves easily.

Hope you enjoy it!

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