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May: A Month of Celebrating Family and Relationships in Korea

Updated: May 29, 2023

Time flies, it is already May 2023! So today, I thought I'd talk about the month of May in relation to Korean culture.

May in Korea

In Korea, May is a special month for celebrating different kinds of relationships. There are three important days in May that honor the roles of children, parents, and teachers in Korean society. Let me tell you more about these days and how they are observed by Koreans.

5th of May, Children's Day

The first one is Children's Day, which falls on the 5th of May. This day is dedicated to the happiness and well-being of children, who are considered the future of the nation. On this day, parents usually take their children out for fun activities, such as visiting amusement parks, zoos, museums, or theaters. Children also receive gifts from their parents and relatives, such as toys, books, clothes, or pocket money. (well, this is the very reason I liked this day when I was young!) Some schools and organizations also hold special events for children, such as contests, performances, or games.

In addition to the festivities, Children's Day is also a time for reflection on the importance of children and their well-being in society. It is a day for adults to show their appreciation and care for children, and to reaffirm their commitment to providing a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment for them to grow and thrive.

8th of May, Parents' Day

The second one is Parents' Day, which falls on the 8th of May. This day is a time to express gratitude and respect to one's parents for their love and care. Unlike in Australia or other countries where they have a separate day for mother and father, in Korea, it is celebrated together. On this day, children usually give their parents carnations, which are the symbolic flower of Parents' Day. They also prepare cards or letters to express their feelings and appreciation. Some children also perform songs or dances for their parents or help them with household chores. Some families also go out for a meal or a trip together.

parents' day message
Mom and Dad, thank you and I love you

In Korean culture, the concept of filial piety is deeply rooted, emphasizing the importance of showing respect and gratitude towards one's parents. Parents' Day is an occasion to honor and celebrate the lifelong commitment and sacrifices made by parents for their children.

It is a time for families to come together, not only to express their love and appreciation but also to strengthen the family bond. The celebration of Parents' Day in Korea reflects the significance of family relationships in Korean society and reminds people of the value of family as the foundation of society.

15th of May, Teachers' Day


On Teachers' Day, which falls on the 15th of May, students in Korea show their respect and appreciation to their teachers for their guidance and education.

Teachers play a vital role in Korean society, molding the minds of future generations and providing education to students. As such, Teachers' Day is a significant occasion in Korean culture to honor their selfless dedication.

Students give flowers, cards, or letters to thank their teachers and prepare performances or speeches to honor them. Some even visit their former teachers to pay their respects and update them on their lives.

May in Korea is a month of a family

As you can see, May is a month of a family in Korea, where family is not only limited to blood relations but also includes those who have influenced one's life in a positive way. These days are an opportunity to celebrate the bonds of love and respect that connect people in a society.

Now you understand why the month May is called 가정의 달 Month of a family in Korea.

I hope you found something that you didn't know before about Korea and enjoyed the learning experience. Thank you for reading!



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