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Little bay beach, a hidden gem in Sydney

Updated: May 27, 2023

Definitely one of my favorite spots in Sydney, I would say.

All the trees along the street are decorated neatly to brighten up the Christmas spirit.

The little bay beach is not so far from the famous Bondi and Coogee beaches. It is a little sheltered and secluded, so it may not be suitable for surfers but it is a perfect place for people who like snorkeling and swimming without being thrown around by the waves.

The view you get at the end of the street is so nice. It just opens up to the vast sky, with the greenery of the golf course on both sides.

There is a small staircase down to the beach. You can also see signs about where you can spearfish, as well as the types of the fish that live in the area.

This is the view you get!

If you like to swim in calm ocean water, Little Bay Beach would be a perfect spot for you.

If you are in Sydney, I would definitely recommend checking it out. If you are not from Sydney, then I hope you enjoyed this virtual 1 minute tour of Little Bay Beach.

A Little Dance Insta at Little Bay Beach

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