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K-HERITAGE.TV for those who are serious about learning Korean Culture and History

Since I started using the hilokal language exchange app to teach casual Korean classes, I've met some really nice people who are serious about studying Korean and learning its culture.

So, I would like to introduce this Youtube Channel called K-Heritage.TV to them, as well as anyone who is interested in deepening their understanding of Korean culture and History.

Some of the students I met had never been to Korea or studied Korean at a school. They learned it by themselves using only online resources. However, they had no problem holding a proper conversation for an hour without much difficulty. I was amazed at how well they spoke. It seemed they watched a lot of K-dramas and TV shows. In this regard, I have to admit, they are way more knowledgeable than I am. lol.

However, I could see that they actually wanted to know more and learn more about Korea beyond the K-drams and K-pop. But the easily available resources they have access to are all about TV shows. So I did a little bit of research and I found this YouTube channel that introduces various aspects of Korean culture. Most of the videos on the channel have English subtitles, so even those who don't know the language well can still enjoy and learn about Korea.


K-HERITAGE.TV is a youtube channel that showcases the cultural heritage of Korea.

It features videos of various aspects of Korean history, art, architecture, cuisine, music, and more. The channel aims to promote the appreciation and preservation of Korea's rich and diverse heritage, as well as to share it with the global audience.

The channel has over 850,000 subscribers and has uploaded more than 2000 videos since its launch in 2010. If you are interested in learning more about Korea's culture and heritage, you can visit the channel's website or follow its social media accounts.

I want to share this short video clip from the K-Heritage.TV channel because it is one of the most viewed clips, and I also liked how she said,

"The more you empty your mind, the more you will be renewed."

Hey, that's exactly what I do and why I practice meditation! LOL.

2022 Visit Korean Heritage Campaign (featuring actor Kim Minha)


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David Clouston
David Clouston
Jul 07, 2023

I noticed that also. Korean studying students know a lot about Korea! 🇰🇷

Bright Wisdom
Bright Wisdom
Jul 07, 2023
Replying to

A ha! :-) Hope you are enjoying learning Korean!

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