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How to say Happy New Year in Korean!

Updated: May 27, 2023

Now 2022 has almost gone!

It is time to send the New Year messages to your loved ones including ones overseas.

If you have anyone in Korea or any Korean friends, then this is what you can say in the New Year!

새해 Sae Hae means the New Year

복 bok means good fortune, luck, blessings

많이 mani means a lot

받으십시오 badeusipsio means to receive

It literally means "I hope you receive lots of blessings in the New Year!"

You can also say with 받으세요 badeuseyo instead of 받으십시오 badeusipsio, which is slightly more casual than the first one. However these are the two of the most commonly used greetings for the New Year in Korean. They are similar to saying "Happy New Year" in English.


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