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Discovering Purified Recycled Water: My Experience as an Interpreter

How much do you know about Purified Recycled Water?

Until yesterday, I knew very little about Purified Recycled Water. That changed when I joined a tour of the Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre as an interpreter for a group from Korea.

I was fortunate to land this interpreting opportunity. I came across an ad on a community noticeboard seeking a casual interpreter for a Korean group visiting Sydney in May. Though I lack formal qualifications, I have plenty of experience with casual translation and interpretation. After a few email exchanges, I secured the job.

The group's destination was the Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre, affiliated with Sydney Water. To prepare, I reached out to the centre, introducing myself and requesting any information that would help me perform my role smoothly. They provided me with useful resources and their website.

I delved into the material to familiarize myself with the technical aspects of water recycling. It was fascinating to learn how Sydney's water system operates—something I wouldn't have explored without this opportunity.

Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre

Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre
Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre

The Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre in New South Wales offers an educational tour that highlights advanced water recycling processes.

Adjacent to the Quakers Hill Water Resource Recovery Facility, the centre provides a unique glimpse into transforming wastewater into purified recycled water.

The hour-long tours are interactive, guided by knowledgeable Community Education Officers, and emphasize the importance of sustainable water management.

Visitors must wear sturdy, enclosed shoes and long pants for safety, and safety glasses are provided for certain parts of the tour. This initiative underscores Sydney Water's commitment to sustainable water sources, aiming to educate the public about the environmental and economic benefits of using purified recycled water to supplement drinking water supplies.

Feeling prepared, I met the Korean group at the centre. We were welcomed by an Education Officer who gave a 20-minute presentation on Sydney Water's history, current system, and future goals. We then toured the water treatment facilities and online monitoring systems.

The tour lasted just over an hour. The Korean group, comprised of professionals from Seoul's water industry, had many technical questions. While my knowledge was limited, their expertise was evident.

Overall, the experience was rewarding. My preparation paid off, and I successfully interpreted the technical content. (well, having said that, there is always room to grow!) One group member even asked how I knew the specialized terms, to which I proudly explained my dedicated preparation!

The Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre attracts both local and international visitors, highlighting the importance of water conservation for health, safety, and future generations.

For anyone interested, here’s a video clip and link to learn more about the tour. Thank you!


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