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Discovering South Korean National Anthem on Youtube | A beginner's guide

More and more people are becoming interested in Korean culture and language, watching Korean movies, and listening to K-pop music.

With that in mind, I started an English blog to share my knowledge and provide useful information for those who are eager to learn more about Korea.

I am not a Korean history expert but with the help of resources like Google, Naver, ChatGPT, I can gather some information and share it in a way that is easy to understand!

I am pretty sure there are people out there who just want to get some general ideas about things rather than a long article of extensive encyclopedic information.

So, I started posting things about the Korean national anthem, the national flag, folktales, and simple Korean food recipes. With some of the Korean food recipes, I made 30-sec video clips and uploaded them on youtube. To my surprise, a couple of recipe videos got 1.2k views! Haha, it's not like a million views or anything, but a good start!

Encouraged by this success ( let me be positive and call it a success, lol!!!),

I decided to create a video for the Korean national anthem. I downloaded the Korean national anthem music file and added full Korean and English lyrics with translations. While it may not receive immediate attention like the food video shorts, I hope that people will find it useful in the long run.

South Korean National Anthem

As I continue with my blog journey, I am considering creating short video clips based on my articles, because I believe that people may enjoy watching and listening more than reading. I hope to introduce the Korean national flag and explain some of the Korean folk stories in this way.

Will see. :-)

Here is the video clip I uploaded today. Hope you enjoy it.


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