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Beautiful and Inspiring Changes in Children Through Meditation

In general, we know meditation is beneficial for our mental health and peace of mind. However, witnessing the positive changes in children after practicing meditation is particularly inspiring and rewarding.

Inspiring Changes in Children Through Meditation

The other day, one of my friends, who volunteers to help people with meditation in WA called me. She shared an exciting story about this boy who'd been meditating once a week at the centre. She was delighted to observe his progress and decided to ask him to express his feelings before and after meditation through drawings. Recognizing that he felt more confident in drawing rather than speaking, she requested the drawings from him. He started drawing without any hesitation and here is the drawing he produced!

Cloudy sky one side and sunny sky on the other side
Before and After Meditation

This is so simple but clearly shows the difference between before and after states! On the left side, we can observe stormy clouds completely obstructing the sun, with thunder and lightning striking. However, on the right side, the clouds are seen gradually dispersing, allowing the radian rays of the sun to emerge. Notably, even the sun itself is portrayed with a smiling expression. Wow, so beautiful.

This reminded me to search for another drawing on Facebook. It was a drawing from one of the young members of Auckland Meditation some time ago. Luckily, it didn't take me long to locate it once again. I distinctly recall being astonished by the level of detail in this particular drawing. Changes through meditation were very clear.

a man with baggage and a man without a baggage
Before and After Meditation

Seeing this drawing again, it still amazes me.

We can observe a man on the left side who is burdened with a heavy load, symbolizing various attachments and concerns such as worries about money, love, housing, wealth, sickness, relationships, and stresses related to studies. These elements are depicted in a simple, clear yet meaningful manner. Then as the guy lets go of his burden, now he is free and happy with his both hands raised happily towards the sky. Brilliant!

My Mind Is The Problem, then How?

Whether you are young or old, it becomes evident that often it is one's own minds that give rise to suffering. Nobody desires to entertain negative thoughts, yet they can involuntarily emerge within our minds. So, I feel learning to let go of negative thoughts, and acquiring the ability to clear our minds are so crucial for one's overall well-being.

Last year, I had several opportunities to conduct meditation workshops for university students in Sydney. The feedback I received afterward was very rewarding. Although young people are often depicted as carefree and brimming with energy, the reality is that they face significant stress and pressure from various aspects of life, particularly with the pervasive influence of social media. Consequently, it is not surprising to witness high rates of depression and anxiety among young individuals.

Everyone desires to live a fulfilling and joyful life. I believe it is crucial for more individuals including young people to acquire the skills to nurture and maintain their mental well-being.

Recently, a close friend of mine from New Zealand shared a video clip with me that excellently explains the principles and logic behind the practice of meditation. I would like to share it here as well. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you!


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