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"8 Habits of Highly Successful People: Achieving Your Goals"

Updated: May 29, 2023

What are the common habits that successful people have?

Since I started blogging last September, somehow, I stumbled upon different blog platforms and now I find myself managing multiple blogs. I am like, how did I end up here? Anyway, it has its challenges of course, but it's been possible because of the help of many AI tools that are available these days. I cover many different topics on my blogs but now it's actually becoming very clear that I enjoy writing about the mind, well-being, and healthy lifestyle more than any other topics. So, back to the question I had, ( a bit of a detour to get to the point), I was inspired this morning to write about some of the common, good habits of successful people. And what are they? I asked ChatGPT and here are the eight common habits of successful people that my lovely AI assistant gave me.

8 common habits of successful people

Goal setting:

Successful people set specific and realistic goals and work hard to achieve them. They know their goals well and make plans to execute them.


Successful people focus on what they are doing. They concentrate on what is necessary to achieve their goals and ignore everything else.


Successful people do not give up in the face of failure and adversity. They use failure as an opportunity to learn and keep working towards their goals.


Successful people strive to continually develop themselves. They improve their expertise by reading, learning, researching, and acquiring new skills and knowledge.


Successful people plan before they act. They prepare in advance and handle tasks systematically, improving efficiency and saving time and resources.


Successful people actively participate in work and maximize their abilities. They solve problems and offer new ideas.

Healthy lifestyle habits:

Successful people have healthy eating and lifestyle habits. They maintain their physical and mental health with adequate rest and exercise, increasing productivity.


Successful people value communication with others. They listen to and respect others' opinions and express their thoughts and emotions. This improves interpersonal relationships and enables cooperative work.

people waving our of happiness

Importance of Mindset

As I was going through these lists, I couldn't help but think that this is more like common sense. It seems what it all comes down to is the positive mindset that one needs to have in order to execute ideals in our head to put into action.

For example, we all know certain foods taste irresistibly good but are not necessarily healthy, even harmful in the long run. But what makes some people stick to a healthy diet and some people don't? I strongly believe that it is the power of the mind. I also believe that it can be cultivated as well, just like exercise can shape the body. For me, Discarding Meditation where you subtract your negative mind which often wins over the ideals in your head, is one of the best methods to change your mindset.

It is common to hear that successful people meditate and we all know meditation helps our minds and can improve focus and concentration. It increases stress relief and self-awareness. As someone who meditates regularly, I would definitely recommend to those who are interested in becoming successful to meditate first so they know how to tap into the unlimited source of energy that is within them. Then, you will have the power to continue with all the habits mentioned above.

It seems now is the time that any individual can actually achieve so much due to the current situation where you can be your own brand and can reach out to the target audience so efficiently using the internet and social media. Naturally becoming quickly successful has become a thing that the majority of people are pursuing. I am not sure about the 'quick' part but am sure it is possible for anyone to become successful if they had the right mindset.

So, if you would like to live a happy, healthy, and successful life, how about looking into finding the true resource within you first?

I would certainly want to be successful, why wouldn't anyone, right?

(Give me some time, I will be. haha)

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Steven Trpenov
Steven Trpenov
19 Απρ 2023

Thank you very much, I enjoyed reading about the power of the mind. This is definitely aligned with my own experience! There's so many books on what the good habits are, but no one tells you HOW you can implement them, so thank you for sharing

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